The Animal Hospital of High Park offers a range of dental services for your pet. From regular dental cleanings using ultrasonic scaling and polishing methods, to oral surgeries and extractions. We also make sure to do digital dental X-rays with every dental, to check for infection under the gum line.

Dental disease is very common and can lead to significant health problems. Once your pet’s teeth develop plaque and tartar, the bacteria then penetrates below your pet’s gum line and filters into the bloodstream where it can travel to major organs in the body, leading to kidney, liver and cardiac disease. Daily brushing of your pet’s teeth is vital in maintaining good oral hygiene for your pet. Our team can help guide and teach you ways to make teeth brushing possible! There are also many home-care options and products that we can recommend to maintain your pet’s best smile! If you have any questions about dental care, our knowledgeable veterinary team will be able to assist you.

Our doctors are also skilled in rodent dentistry. This includes grinding down overgrown teeth, tooth extractions and correcting tongue entrapment.