Veterinary Assistant/CLient Care Rep

Born and raised in Brampton, Samuel has had a fascination with animals ever since he was a kid. Samuel always had animals around him growing up whether that be family pets, trips to the zoo and watching many animal related TV shows. Although he loves all animals his favourite species are reptiles.  Believing they are a misrepresented group of animals that people fear for all the wrong reasons, Samuel’s goal is to expose as much people to reptiles as he can in order to show people they are incredible animals and deserve our love. 
Samuel joined our team in October of 2023 after previously working at a reptile zoo for around 2 years. After seeing what it takes to take care of some truly unique species he wanted to branch out and learn more of the medical side of taking care of reptiles.  He currently has 2 yellow banded dart frogs named Bellibolt and Bumblebee and plans on getting many more unique types of reptiles.
When he’s not at the clinic, Samuel is sitting at home playing videos games or watching terrible horror movies.  He also loves exploring nature and is aspiring to visit the Amazon rain forest and even climb Mount Kilimanjaro with his sisters in 2026.