VetErinary Assistant

Hailing from Brazil, Mauricio brings valuable experience to the AHOHP team. With over seven years working as a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine in his homeland, he specialized in clinical and soft tissue surgery for domestic and exotic pets. His knowledge extends to reproductive biotechnology. 
Mauricio’s passion for animals is not limited to his professional life. In Brazil, he cared for a diverse array of creatures; From snakes to spiders, and from geckos to even a beard dragon lizard.
It was in April, 2023 that Mauricio with his wife, and the adorable French Bulldog, Hoka, moved to Canada. Together, they are discovering Canada in this new chapter of their lives. Mauricio is leaning a lot from his teammates, and hopes to contribute in the same level at Animal Hospital of High Park.
Outside of work, Mauricio loves cooking and is an outdoor sports enthusiast, having completed a marathon and cherishing a dream to conquer the intense Ironman challenge.