marielle staff


Head of Growth & Strategy

Marielle moved from tropical Singapore to Canada in 2007. She majored in Psychology at the University of Toronto where she received her B.Sc. in 2010, and went on to get a post-graduate degree in behavioural sciences at George Brown College. From there, she has developed a keen interest in behavioural training and behaviour modification, and applies it daily to the animals we treat at the Hospital to keep pets calm and happy. Because of her passion for animals, Marielle volunteered at the Toronto Wildlife Center in 2014, joined the Animal Hospital of High Park in 2015, and has been with us ever since!

Marielle currently has three poofy and snuggly fur kids, Emma the papillon, Luna the pomsky, and Holly the pomsky-maltese mix. Aside from work, Marielle enjoys training and teaching her dogs new tricks, going on trail runs, and she also indulges in video games to de-stress.