Veterinary Assistant

Ajay is a devoted veterinary assistant at the Animal Hospital of High Park. In 2022, he embarked on a new chapter in Canada, affectionately referring to this beautiful country as his ‘third home’. 

Ajay’s roots in India, where he spent 25 formative years, instilled in him a deep appreciation for nature and its creatures. Growing up in a farming family, he learned firsthand the importance of nurturing and caring for our animal companions. This upbringing, coupled with my experiences in various animal welfare initiatives, has been instrumental in shaping his dedication to advocating for the well-being of animals. 

His journey as a veterinary assistant is driven by a profound desire to provide compassionate care to our beloved companions, drawing inspiration from the nurturing spirit of both India and Canada. 

In his free time, Ajay enjoys winding down by spending time with a pen and notebook, expressing his thoughts through the written word.